Savage Worlds Summaries & Other Role-Playing Stuff

Savage Worlds

As soon as I discovered the Savage Worlds role-playing system, I immediately fell in love with it. It was everything that other "most popular FRP game" wasn't.

This is my contribution back to the SW community. These are summaries of how to handle particular aspects of the game, collected together in one place.

This is strictly rules-as-written, with clarifying information from one of the system developers.

Click here for a description of all available combat actions.

Click here for a description of how Healing works in the game.

Click here for a description of how to handle the most common situations involving "cover" in the game.

Click here for a description of how to use a Power.

Click here for description of the Chase rules.

Click here for a minimal set of rules that should help resolve most Grappling situations.

Savage Worlds non-RAW materials

Click here for some GM guidelines on how to handle Persuasion in a game.

Click here for some ideas on how to make your BBEG / main Boss last longer in a fight.

Click here for a Combat Rating that can actually predict the outcome of a battle!

Click here for a description of generic science-fiction "future tech levels".
It's only 10 pages long, with 2 more pages of examples. It also provides ideas and questions any GM would have to decide on to create their own sci-fi setting, and covers Edges, races, languages, communications, Zero-G, cyberware, space flight, sensors, weapons, and armor, including force field and powered combat armor.

Non-system-specific stuff

Click here for a description of "technology levels", "technology ratings", etc. over history, from the Stone Age to modern times.